DJ Qua successfully operated his own clubs in previous years such as; Jhane's, Dynasty, Lorreta's Lounge, and Crystals. More recently, he has put clubs on the map such as the former, "Club Millennium" and his current home base, "Key Club" located in Newark, NJ. He has worked with some very prominent politicians in his DJ career, from mayors of Newark and Irvington to assembly men, senators and governors. He is currently the citizen commissioner of Irvington because of his love and dedication to the people. He has successfully formed and played on his own internet radio show for the last 2 years gaining him more listeners and supporters in and out of the tri-state area.

Currently Qua mentors young and up-coming DJ’s on internet radio shows such as, and the former He is responsible for aiding and being a role model to many NJ DJ's & aspiring NJ artists who are gaining success in today's market, therefore giving him the name, "Jersey's #1 Son" or "The CEO of Jersey" by his peers and supporters. DJ Qua is known for his very special skills of mixing & blending all types of music in addition to his boy-like, fun personality.

DJ Qua's most recent success is as a master mix DJ on 107.5 WBLS located in New York City. He is very humbled and ready to assist the WBLS family in going forward to new heights and added generations of listeners.